Artist Annie Omens

Artist Annie Omens

Artist Annie Omens

Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

Presents ArtWalls at

Oceanside Public Library

330 N Coast Hwy

  (3rd  Exhibition)

Featuring artist Annie Omens

Opening Reception 

Saturday, July 9th, 2022 at 3:00 -5:00 pm

Artist Statement

I seek the mystical element in nature that seems to exist just beyond our perception of the day-to-day.  As an artist I explore and express how I sense this enchanted realm  and how it overlaps with our world.  Using straight photographic captures of landscapes and animals, and through the use of digital software, I layer and fold slices of these images together to create new dimensions of beauty, mystery and tranquility.  These constructed realities can serve as vehicles for dissolving boundaries of space and suspending time.

Omens’ art has been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States and Mexico.  Her most recent solo show was at Galleria 908 in Loreto, Mexico, 2019.  She has received numerous awards for her work and recently was part of the OMA Biennial Artist Alliance Association Show at The Oceanside Museum of Art 2019-2020.  Her work is in collections throughout the U.S. and Mexico



IG: annie_omens