Artist Kelly Z

Artist Kelly Z

Artist Kelly Z

Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

presents Kelly Z

at the O’side Bakery

Opening Reception

Wednesday, Nov 29th

From 5:30 – 7:15 PM

Inspired by nature, Kelly is a creator. As an abstract artist, she draws from life experiences and believes that art is truly a saving grace. Creating art to connect and capture moments in time, feelings, emotions, milestones. Whether on canvas, wood, paper or journal using a paintbrush, mark making tools, scraps of handmade papers or just her hands alone, each result in a unique footprint and personal statement. What emerges is a bridge to self-expression and bliss.

With an open approach, inspiring insight, sprinkled with a bit of humor, Kelly finds sharing art & guiding others in the experience of creating a heartwarming and connective act.

Kelly received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa and has called Oceanside home for over 25 years where she lives with her family and two dogs. In addition to slinging paint, you will find Kelly a.k.a. ‘Dream Facilitator’, a licensed Realtor®, helping clients sell and buy homes in North County San Diego and beyond.


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