Artist Marian Jones

Artist Marian Jones

Artist Marian Jones

Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

presents Marian Jones

at the O’side Bakery

Opening Reception

Wednesday, May 5th

From 5:30 – 7:30 PM

During the lockdown of 2020 I found a new creative focus as an abstract photographer who quickly morphed into an abstract painter.

During a year of fear, stress and uncertainty, due to COVID, I was even more grateful for my morning walks on the shores around my Oceanside home. It was during one of these walks that I looked down to discover that the sand I had been walking on for years suddenly looked different. I was inspired by the abstract movements of the sand. I captured these with my phone before moving on to my camera. From this I created a series called SANDS OF OCEANSIDE. Based on these photographs, I decided to create a group of large paintings using my sand photographs as a source of inspiration. I began painting on 8×10 inch canvas paper. Subsequently, I moved on to larger scaled stretched canvas. My paintings are always inspired by the innate curiosity about life and the movement of things; be that people, thoughts, years, nature, light, the ocean. Everything has movement and that is what gives me comfort, the knowledge that nothing is permanent. With movement comes change.

My photographs have been shows at the online digital gallery Light, Space & Time as well as the Praxis Gallery & Photographic Art Center. My painting “Ukranian Skies” was featured in International Art Exhibition: War or Peace, out of Washington D.C.. My paintings have also shown at the Jones Gallery in Kansas City and have been purchased in private collections across the country.






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