Artist Melissa Nabulsi

Artist Melissa Nabulsi

Artist Melissa Nabulsi


            AT O’SIDE BAKERY

                                (18th Exhibition)


 Melissa Nabulsi


  THURSDAY, November 4, 2021    

  5:30 – 7:30 PM


After raising four children and a career as a medical transcriptionist, Melissa retired, picked up the paint brush again and tried her hand at watercolor.  She left Orange County for beautiful Oceanside where she took an acrylic class at Studio ACE in early 2020.  Melissa says that acrylics have opened up a whole new world of bold color with a never ending potential to express herself.

Melissa’s love for art was inevitable as she was born to two artists. Her father was a commercial artist, and her mother, a Southwestern watercolorist.  “I dabbled in the art room as a kid but my original love was music, which I began studying at the age of 8.”

Melissa has always been a gardener, but moving to Oceanside in 2017 has taken this passion to a new level! “It’s amazing the variety of flowers that I can grow now!”  This has inspired more vibrant flowers in her paintings. Sunsets here come in purple, pink, magenta, yellow, and orange; hence her love for painting vibrant sunsets.

Melissa also paints with watercolor and oil. The story of any painting is the colors she chooses and what story the colors tell; basically, a journal of that day’s emotions. Nothing has to be traditional. “I try to dig deep into my imagination and just let the colors lead the way.”

Melissa will tell you, reality is for photographs and the canvas is to translate the vivid colors of her imagination.

“I welcome you to enjoy the colors of my imagination, displayed through bold colorful strokes on the canvas.  No reality allowed in my workshop–just daydreams of color!”







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