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Mission Statement:
Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to broaden the cultural, artistic, musical and performing arts in Oceanside and the surrounding communities. All proceeds from its annual festivals are used to provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors (not just from Oceanside but from throughout North County San Diego) pursing artistic and performing arts degrees, and to organize more quality events in the city of Oceanside, California. OCAF is project-oriented company, whith most memorable successful project being the creation of Oceanside Museum of Art. Its other projects are Oceanside International Film Festival, and Oceanside Music Festival.

Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation conducts public festivals, which are conducted annually in Oceanside. Its most prominent events are Oceanside International Film Festival, and Oceanside Music Festival. All proceeds from the festivals go towards scholarships and for the purpose of putting out more public events by OCAF. There is recognition that arts organizations must pick up the slack of the government’s cutbacks in arts education at schools by offering public outreach programs to fill the gap. For several years Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation / OCAF has been North County’s community organization that has grabbed and run with the baton to promote arts among the youth and the general population of North County San Diego. OCAF is dedicated to providing programs that inspire the same passion for the arts that were had by past generations, privileged to have had arts education in the schools. OCAF believes that arts are necessary to the growth and development of a society. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps students increase test scores, promotes academic achievement, and social confidence. OCAF is dedicated to insuring the community’s creative legacy by a series of events in which professionals, avocationals, and students share the benefits of arts. OCAF created Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation Performing Arts Scholarships and Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation Visual Arts Scholarships to insure students will have access to their artistic expression in the schools, and to insure that students have the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate arts both in and out of school. The financial challenge is the combination of many organizational aspects of OCAF: financing the venues for screenings, performances, and workshops, preparing food for the opening and awards galas, staging live stage performances, and making performers, artists, writers, and filmmakers comfortable (at times providing them with complimentary lodging, especially for out-of-state guests). With your help, we hope alleviating the burden of such important financial expenses for OCAF.

Specific Program Goals:
We hope that celebration of local arts – and putting Oceanside on the map along the way – will take place on a grander scale as the time goes. That will also result in larger scale visitation to this beautiful beach city, as guests and audience members alike appreciate the ocean-infused atmosphere surrounding Oceanside. (See an interview with a Golden Globe Award winner & Oscar nominee at one of OCAF’s annual events a couple of years ago here: www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=663433207013420 .) A couple of goal examples..

Oceanside Intl Film Festival is an opportunity for independent filmmakers to have their work screened and judged. It also gives the film buffs a jump-start chance for viewing local and international films at a place in Southern CA known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, and artistic freedom. The festival showcases features, documentaries, shorts, animations, and student works from filmmakers who have not yet signed distribution agreements and look for recognition among viewers. Besides providing opportunities for exposure in front of wide audiences, elevating the chances for landing distribution deals for movies, especially made locally, is one of OIFF’s high goals. (Winner of OIFF-2009’s Best Feature award “Callous” – thanks in part to Oceanside Intl Film Festival – has been propelled to stardom and is now available on DVD. The film was produced by an Oceansider. “Patrol Base Jaker” – OIFF-2013 Jury’s Award Winner for Best Picture – is a breathtaking documentary about the US Marines, 1/5th of which are from Camp Pendleton. “Rainbow Show” – OIFF-2013’s Audience Choice Award Winner for Best Student Film in K to Middle School category – was made by an Oceanside middle school student.) Just like during the previous years, in the Spring-2017 OIFF also plans to conduct a separate contest for short films (up to 5 min) that had something directly to do with Oceanside, either documentary, music video, narrative fictional story, historic account, etc. to show them on big screen at OIFF-2017. The purpose of “Oceanside Spotlight” contest is to show out-of-state and international guests how it is to live in Oceanside and to highlight the city’s particulars.

Program Strengths:
Every year OCAF puts out a season of festivals, which are conducted annually in Oceanside. This year (in 2016), the attendance is expected to be much higher, and we plan on showcasing visual, literary, film, and performing (including music) arts on a larger scale. See Events section regarding detailed plans for each annual event.

Program Strategies:
OCAF’s arts & culture annual events promote a sense of community engagement in Oceanside. They connect different generations around many issues through arts projects. And the organization promotes learning opportunities for Oceanside citizens by offering educational workshops on important film-related or literature-related topics. We have partnered with the city of Oceanside on the promotional side. A few council members are usually in attendance at OCAF events at all times. The Mayor of Oceanside even provided a welcome letter for OIFF-2013’s, OIFF-2014’s, and OIFF-2015’s Official Program, as well as an endorsement letter for the 2015 Oceanside Music Festival. The city does list festivals’ schedules in its internal and public calendars, including the web. It always gives OCAF a permission to hang large banners and signs on the streets. The collaboration with the city will be even much closer in 2017, because the main venues will be at a city-owned property, Sunshine Brooks Theatre, Oceanside Public Library and its vicinity, and Pierview Way public street. OCAF has about 100 volunteers involved during its events’ course throughout a year (their names are available upon request), and more are expected to be involved in 2017. (For example, OIFF-2017’s organizational committee consists of 9 film passion-driven individuals, who have been meeting every month for organizational aspects since September 2016. The Jury Panel of OIFF-2017, judging incoming film submissions, is comprised of 14 people. The event also entails involvement of many ushers, security guards, food servers.)

Program Resources:
All festivals were conceived by Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, which is their parent entity and 501c3 non-profit organization (www.ocaf.info). OCAF has been bringing quality artistic, visual, performance, and musical arts to Oceanside and its surrounding communities for over 25 years. It produces annually Oceanside International Film Festival every August (emphasis on film), and Oceanside Music Festival every Fall (music). OCAF funds its events as the main underwriter, but each event has a separate budget that entails seeking its own sponsorships / grants from various organizations or individual donors.

Program Sustainability:
OCAF’s organizational committees make sure their programs prove to be successful, and their annual events are “in the black” rather that “in the red” financially. Careful planning by its organizers and contributions from sponsors and grant programs ensure its festivals will go on for many years to come, on an annual basis.

Performance and Evaluation:
Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation is guided by OCAF’s Mission Statement: “To support the Cultural Arts in the City of Oceanside and neighboring communities” and OCAF’s by-laws. The Chair for each is selected by the OCAF Board’s President. The Chair solicits Committee members from the OCAF Board and from the community at large. Committees and OCAF Board of Directors evaluate the performance on an annual basis in separate meetings after each festival takes place. The results of the evaluation (financial data, whether the event’s artistic goals have been achieved, etc.) are used to determine whether the next year’s event authorized and is to be held.

2017 OCAF Board of Directors:
Eliane Weidauer – President, Oceanside Music Festival Co-Chair
Ann Mortland – OCAF Secretary, OCAF Membership Committee Chair
Anita Romaine – OCAF Treasurer, Oceanside International Film Festival Committee Co-Chair
Robert Parker – OCAF Director, Oceanside Music Festival Co-Chair
Blake Kern – Art Walls O’side Facilitator
Amber Newman
David Newman