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We are so very pleased that FRONTWAVE Credit Union has once again generously agreed to sponsor Art Walls O’side for another two years!


A big THANK YOU goes out to Chip Dykes and his team for making this happen for OCAF once again! They definitely live up to their commitment posted on their website – “But we also have a mission that’s much bigger — to be a positive force in the community.”


Artist Linda Phillips

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Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation


ArtWalls at

Oceanside Public Library

330 N Coast Hwy

  (1st  Exhibition)



Featuring artist Linda Phillips

Opening Reception

Saturday, February 12, 2022

3:00 -5:00 pm

Artist’s Statement:

I stand before each blank canvas with a sense of adventure and trepidation because I never know for sure what the end journey will look like. I create with a sense of mystery and risk, from a quiet place knowing I am painting in the presence of the greatest creator of all time. It’s not how much time a painting may take, it’s how I will use the combination of tools, creativity, and skill I have acquired over the years (to make it so). 



Some paintings are very rhythmic because I have painted to music, while others are very focused and detailed. Being an artist is not just what goes onto the canvas; it is how I see the moments of each day. I never know what might grab me, or if the subject or concepts will work well on gold, copper, and silver leaf. I never planned to produce so many metallic leaf paintings, but the contrast of the paint with the shine kept drawing me in.



I don’t try to have a certain look throughout my artwork, but maybe it’s even in there, in the most diverse paintings. I do know that every day is a gift to observe from the heart and having the means and time to express it. So, for that, I am very thankful. This latest series was inspired after I visited a marionette puppet shop in Paris, following a two-week artist residency in the North of France.



Artist Bio:

I began my art career in the textile field after completing several design courses at UCLA. Designing has always been very natural to me. I love textures, prints, and using my imagination. I designed beach wear and home interiors. My clients included Roxy, OP, O Neil, Waverly, and many more. Additionally, my designs have been featured in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Over the years I began to study more drawing and painting. Eventually, I transitioned from gouache to oil, and gained an appreciation for the diversity of colors, and the way oils lay unto the canvas. Still never leaving design, I have found a way to incorporate my imagination into fine art paintings.

My mother Millie Greene is an incredible impressionist painter who studied with a Russian master Sergei Bongart. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful art, she has spurred me on, and challenged me at the same time.

My latest series is gold, copper, silver leaf, and oil. In this medium I continue to explore ethnic, figurative, and abstract paintings. I don’t paint only one way, it depends upon my subject, and allowing the unexpected to enter my creative process. My art is a way of life that encompasses the way I see the world, and my inspiration expresses itself onto the canvas.

Linda Phillips




2021 Artist Alliance, Oceanside Museum of Art
2021 Hi Ho Silver, Ashton Gallery, San Diego
2021 Contemporary Works Show, Studio Door, San Diego
2021 Front Porch Gallery, Carlsbad
2020 Crow Show, Studio Door, San Diego
2019 In Gold We Trust, Ashton Gallery, San Diego
2019 Artist in Residence at Chateau d’ Orguevaux, Ardenne France
2019 Creative License, Sparks Gallery, Gas Lamp, San Diego                                                                                               2019 San Diego Fair 
2018 San Diego Fair, Abstract, first place
2018 50 Artist to Watch, Best of Show, Studio Door, San Diego
2018 Legends, Studio Door, San Diego
2018 Black Out, Ashton Gallery, San Diego
2017 Art Beat, Solo Show, San Diego
2017 San Diego Fair, Figurative 3rd place
2017 Artist Alliance Oceanside Museum of Art
2017 L Street Gallery, San Diego
2016 Front Porch Gallery, Carlsbad

Artist Blake Kern

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 (19th Exhibition)


Blake Kern




Come meet the artist on Jan 12 – Jan 26 – Feb 17

from 1-3 PM

Come see her eclectic mix of art

and collaged cards.

Blake is an Oceanside resident and has lived in North County since 1975: Married for 50 years with two adult children, and two grandchildren. She is a retired educator (2008) who now has the time to explore her personal creativity. She joined the Artist Alliance through the Oceanside Museum of Art in the fall of 2007 and has been trying to establish a reputation for creating unique, one-of-a-kind altered and hand-made books as well as Altar (art) boxes. She has participated in many shows at the Oceanside Art Gallery, Oceanside School of Art, Jazzercise Exhibits, Oceanside Art Walk, and Art in the Alley in Oceanside. She has sold many pieces and has been praised for her distinctive style.

Blake enjoys writing poetry which becomes the story behind the art in her sometimes rather dark and mysterious books. Creating altered books and altar boxes is a way for her to focus on a particular theme and develop the layers of texture and 3-D effect that is not obtainable with canvas or paper. She explains her process as follows: “I begin with an idea or sense of where I want to go, and by the end finds myself somewhere unexpected. The piece just takes on a life of its own, and I know when it’s done because it just feels right.”   Blake’s goal is for the viewer to have a visceral reaction; to explore the box or book and discover the tiny details and symbolic messages that it contains. Not only does she want to evoke an emotional response, but she wants to tell a story.

Contact Info:


Artist Melissa Nabulsi

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            AT O’SIDE BAKERY

                                (18th Exhibition)


 Melissa Nabulsi


  THURSDAY, November 4, 2021    

  5:30 – 7:30 PM


After raising four children and a career as a medical transcriptionist, Melissa retired, picked up the paint brush again and tried her hand at watercolor.  She left Orange County for beautiful Oceanside where she took an acrylic class at Studio ACE in early 2020.  Melissa says that acrylics have opened up a whole new world of bold color with a never ending potential to express herself.

Melissa’s love for art was inevitable as she was born to two artists. Her father was a commercial artist, and her mother, a Southwestern watercolorist.  “I dabbled in the art room as a kid but my original love was music, which I began studying at the age of 8.”

Melissa has always been a gardener, but moving to Oceanside in 2017 has taken this passion to a new level! “It’s amazing the variety of flowers that I can grow now!”  This has inspired more vibrant flowers in her paintings. Sunsets here come in purple, pink, magenta, yellow, and orange; hence her love for painting vibrant sunsets.

Melissa also paints with watercolor and oil. The story of any painting is the colors she chooses and what story the colors tell; basically, a journal of that day’s emotions. Nothing has to be traditional. “I try to dig deep into my imagination and just let the colors lead the way.”

Melissa will tell you, reality is for photographs and the canvas is to translate the vivid colors of her imagination.

“I welcome you to enjoy the colors of my imagination, displayed through bold colorful strokes on the canvas.  No reality allowed in my workshop–just daydreams of color!”


Instagram – melissa_nabulsi_art

Artist Trish Vernazza

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            AT O’SIDE BAKERY

                                (17th Exhibition)


  Trish Vernazza


  THURSDAY, September 23rd    

5:30 – 7:30 PM


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Trish has traveled around the world as a former International Flight Attendant for Pan American World Airways, which further peaked her interest in culture, religion, language and history. Upon the abrupt ending of this career she decided to re-enter the educational system and received her undergraduate graduate degree in Art History and Sculpture, Masters in Feminist Clinical Psychology, Masters in Art Therapy and currently practices as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Art Therapist.

Trish has been a recipient for many awards, Who’s Who in American Women, published in over 25 Arts & Crafts Magazines; along with her art having been displayed in various museums and collected by art lovers. She published “Women, Art & Mental Illness” while working in the Bay Area Jails and mental health programs while sharing her experiences through her personal art works.

Trish explains, “Part of the purpose in my life is that I am human enough to serve as a prism for a universal story. Our experience is limited by the boundaries of our own consciousness and art making is a place that I can get around those limitations. I create to clear my mind of all external and internal debris. I strive to build a fluid bridge between the hand and mind so that they can become one voice that speaks to the moment. Creating art is my way of keeping a personal diary of the encounters that I have experienced in my life.”

Trish Brown Vernazza, M.A., LMFT, ATR-BC   

Web site:         Contact:

Question of Beauty

  QUESTION OF BEAUTY                                             I will be offering these two pieces either separately or together during my solo show. Fifty percent (50 %) of this sale will go to NCAAWA (North County African American Women’s Association) who help to educate women and girls of all colors. This has been a long time passion of mine. I have been a member for over 15 years and previous board member.

Artist Kenneth L. Montgomery

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Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

            at O’side Bakery

                                (16th Exhibition)

 Featuring artist

  Kenny Montgomery

   Opening Reception

    Thursday, July 1st

    6:00 – 7:30 pm


Based in Oceanside, California, Kenneth L Montgomery is the award-winning artist behind Fine Art Expressions.  His work has been on exhibition at the San Diego County Fair’s International Exhibition of Fine Art, The Lyceum Theatre Gallery as well as The Art Institute of California at San Diego.  Kenneth has been involved in photography and digital artistry for well over two decades.  His focus includes such subjects as animals, floral, seascapes, landscapes, abstract, cultural, historic, butterflies, and more.  Each expression represents a culmination of Kenneth’s photographic vision and digital artistry style.  His aim is for each expression to be a catalyst that brings about positive emotion, a feeling of relaxation or simply a feeling of enjoyment.  Kenneth’s full collection of Fine Art Expressions can be viewed on his website at and you can also follow his work on Instagram @FineArtExpressions.

                                                               Email:       Website:

Artist Carrie Ventola

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Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

presents ArtWalls O’side at O’side Bakery

Featuring artist

Carrie Ventola

Opening Reception

Thursday, May 20th from 6:00 – 7:30 pm

                                                              15th Exhibition


Carrie Ventola’s motto – “Do what you love and love what you do, always be influenced by the beauty that nature provides you!”

Raised in Tucson, Arizona and already a well-known artisan and craftsperson in New England, Carrie’s desire to create beautiful land and seascapes took hold long before her relocation to California in the 1990’s.

Her drive to create fully blossomed in California and with her move to sunny San Diego in 2001, she feels she has come full circle.

Carrie has  been strongly influenced by a number of great Southwest, New England, and California artists. Defined by her trademark umbrellas, her gentle and sunny style reflects the beauty, optimism, and dreamlike qualities of Southern California.


She has participated in numerous juried shows at galleries, corporate facilities, and public institutions throughout San Diego and Orange County, winning many best of show awards. Her paintings are displayed in a variety of private collections and corporate offices, throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


Artist Beverly Stuber

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Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

Presents Artist Beverly Stuber

Art Showing @ O’side Bakery

     14th Exhibition

Please take the time to check this wonderful art out.  Should you wish to make any purchases please contact  Blake Kern at

Beverly has been a member of the Oceanside Museum of Art’s Artist Alliance since the early nineties. She has been instrumental in providing spaces for local artists to show their work, first at the School of Art, then Bank of America, then at The Phantom Gallery in Artist Alley, and borrowing the conference room of Main Street Oceanside for the exhibits.

Then Bev worked with Parks and Recreation Department to hold art exhibits at the two Oceanside Senior Centers. With fellow members Mary and Joe Villela the Museum was persuaded to provide exhibit space bi-annually to Artist Alliance members which has turned into some of the best attended receptions and bringing new people to our area.

Bev considers her work to be impressionistic realism. You know what it is but reinterpreted somewhat. Most recently she has worked with Mary and Joe Villela, exhibiting at their Oceanside Art Gallery until it moved from Carlsbad back to Oceanside. Her work has been juried into exhibits at the COAL and Front Porch galleries. She continues to be a member of the OMA Artist Alliance, volunteering as needed.

For additional information contact the artist.

B.A. (Beverly) Stuber

Artist Rita Spiegel

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ARTIST Rita Spiegel

     13th Exhibition


THURSDAY, October 29, 2020

5:00 – 7:00 PM




Rita’s a Watercolor Artist, using Engerytic Artistry in her work. She’s based in Oceanside, CA. Rita earned a Bachelor’s in Applied Arts and Sciences from San Diego State University.

In German, “Spiegel” means “mirror”, which reflects her love of nature and animals. Rita’s love of dogs is shown through her pet portraits. She’s also yoga teacher, where she uses meditation and Chakras in her method when she’s painting. From these teachings, she created her Ganesha and Butterfly series

Rita says, “The natural outside world is my studio, my happy place; it’s where I connect with the Universe.”

Inspired by animals, flowers and the ocean, her paintings uses the colors around her as her pallet. Each piece has an element of meditation and the Chakras within it.

On a personal side, Rita is born on the cusp of Taurus & Gemini. Born in Florida, but a California girl since she was a kid. She loves the beach and travel. Rita does nature photography as both a hobby and inspiration for future paintings. Rita’s obsessed with chocolate, loves the Rutles’ Tragical History Tour, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Avengers and all things Harry Potter. She also loves reading, learning about different cultures, writing, literature, tea, coffee, and people with a strange sense of humor. Rita respects wit, book worms, intelligence, British humor and USA sarcasm, real artists, accents, history, strangeness, gothic style, fashion, music, movies, and all things beautiful & beautifully ugly. Rita shares her home with Cocoa Puff a 9-lb rescued Pomeranian who shares smiles world wide. Cocoa’s also an abstract painter too. Selling originals and bookmark supporting animal rescue groups.

Rita takes commissions, sells original work and prints.




O’side Bakery Artist Reception Friday, Sept 25th

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We hope that you can join us on Friday, Sept 25 from 4-6 PM to celebrate the art of Kate Joiner.

We will have tables inside and outside to achieve the proper social distancing.

Come and enjoy the music of Stefani Stevens, good nibbles and our opportunity drawing. This has been a long wait, but worth it!



Please see more info on the artist below.