O’side News: John Linthurst Opening Reception 11/21/2019

By November 21, 2019 News

Oceanside CA— Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation’s ArtWalls O’side presents local artist John Linthurst at Blade 1936, 401 Seagaze Dr. An opening reception will take place November 21, 2019 from 1:00-3:00pm.
John Linthurst is a former Los Angeles resident who now resides in Oceanside. He has participated in numerous regional shows and has exhibited solo in notable venues throughout the region for many years. He graduated from the Photo Arts program of Pasadena City College, and went on to hone skills at CS Fullerton, taking odd assignments and learning much along the way.
Photography was one of his early avenues of expression and he completed the program at Pasadena City College – and then several additional sections at Cal State Fullerton. In his years in Pasadena he was fortunate to be called into projects by several of his photography friends attending nearby Art Center College of Design and learned greatly from the collaborations. At his creative zenith he was a rock and roll band photographer, with Van Halen and Joey Chamber, and then did a year stint as a roller derby photographer. (L.A. T-Birds} …. quite the adventure!
‘Coast Loco’ is beach specific series derived from seemingly mundane trips to the sand and collecting unremarkable pictures in volume. They consist primarily of multiple layered images taken from the same day’s excursion, and then reordered into a new reality – something the artist may find fitting – but not necessarily accurate. Some are hand-painted with oils. The ploy becomes compositing interesting parts into a new whole, creating a beach culture fueled with madness and mass. “That residual is what I am after; absurdity we can both laugh with, and at ourselves. These extremes can jockey from a quiet solitude, as nature can provide, to a testimonial of the human bio-mass that can annoy to absurd proportion.”
Essentially the ‘Oceanside Ally’ series was built around rain events downtown during the wet winter of 2019. In a sense, there is a majestic silence to each alley, a personality of sorts, weighted by history and a survivor’s wherewithal. Wiser they are, and if one is to draw art from them, you do it on their terms. The flush of a winter storm, and the residuals left over in puddles and mirrors, is the equivalent of an alley in full bloom. At least in this artist’s opinion.
John now prefers a contrarian application of photo technique; the more he can disrupt a ‘time and space document’, the better chance for defining a new reality from it … a manufactured reality. His photos consist of dozens of inserts, layers, text, pencil, paper, paint, and once even insects!
“I can’t remember the last time I used a photograph as a whole. I produce them, but tend to desecrate them with chaos or madness right away. Absurdity conveys better sometimes.”
His art is the result of periodic creative bursts of energy, that at times, have led him into writing ninety thousand word novels (Emma Isaacs 2009, To Live and Die in Mexican Water 2015) – to designing upside down hillsides of blue plants. Although he paints larger acrylics, and sometimes works with mosaics, photography has always been the driver, and an early avenue for expression. John completed the Photo Arts Program through Pasadena City College and then several additional sections at Cal State Fullerton where he eventually graduated with a degree in English (AMST). He has exhibited extensively, including a full year at the SD International Airport as one of the cities chosen Centennial artist. He also has had individual shows at the North Coast Repertory Theater, Solana Beach (20015), and a fifty five piece show at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts (2013). John also has had individual selections hung in the Oceanside Museum of Art, consistently hung in Escondido Municipal gallery, as well as COAL Gallery (Carlsbad) and various government buildings in San Marcos, Vista, Carlsbad, and Encinitas as well as an artist invitation into Art Walk Laguna Beach. While the bulk of his photographic work is manipulated, in some manner or another, disqualifing him from being a photographic ‘documenter’, that flight allows him to proceed as a photo artist, often incorporating mixed media, to bend rules between reality and interpretation, by evoking elements created to alter the story. “If I can’t actually see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. An artist just creates it.”
Come by, Nov. 21 and judge for yourself.

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