Artist Stephen Gary

Artist Stephen Gary

Artist Stephen Gary

Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

presents Stephen Gary

at the O’side Bakery

Opening Reception

Thursday, May 4th

From 5:30 – 7:30 PM

My first piece of art was copying a Tony the Tiger cereal box as a kid.  I had a talent and discovered my Zen/happiness is in making art.  I excelled at it and made it my major in college.  Art was the vehicle where my passion resided.  Majoring in Fine Art at U of Houston in the early 70’s, I worked under John Alexander and T.A. Julian Schnabel.  I completed my BFA at U of Texas in 1980.

My first one-man show was in the Installation Gallery, San Diego in 1982.  I worked at many jobs to support my art.  In 1987 I was awarded a one-year, paid scholarship from National University Law School.  As a working attorney, I continued to make art whenever I had a chance, even practicing while in depositions.  I continued to paint whenever I could.

I retired from law in 2016 and went back to putting together an art studio and producing new works.  Due to the stress while being a lawyer, I developed a spinal pain syndrome with problems sitting and standing.  Therefore, I shifted my art production into something I could make on a computer, laying down.  My focus has not changed, just my use of mediums to make art.

Art is my passion, devotion and addiction.  I joke this passion is either a gift from the devil or a curse from a god, either way, I am driven to make art.

Stephen Frank Gary, Esq.  (818-405-7739)


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