Artist Summer Ramesh

Artist Summer Ramesh

Artist Summer Ramesh


               AT O’SIDE BAKERY

                                      (21st Exhibition)


          Summer Ramesh


    THURSDAY, May 26, 2022   

             5:30 – 7:30 PM



Summer Ramesh was born in Amarillo, Texas and raised in Laguna Hills, California.  She has not always embraced her artistic talent.  Following her graduation from UCLA in 1998 with a major in Psychology and a Specialization in Business Administration, Summer pursued a career in helping people finance their dream homes. With very little time for anything outside of work, her passion for art was put on the back burner for years.

Fast forward to the devasting loss of a father figure in 2019 and to the start of COVID (an unprecedented time in history where so many emotions and feelings came to the surface for so many people), Summer could no longer suppress her desires to express herself through her art so she began rediscovering her talent for creating beauty on canvas but with different mediums and styles.  First experimenting with Pollock-like acrylic abstraction, Summer has since developed her own unique signature style of acrylic movement art.  With an innate talent for color selection and positioning, Summer’s motion art is captivating and beautiful while leaving each viewer to discover what they themselves feel and see in each piece.

Summer now resides in Rancho Santa Fe with her fiancé, Kash, and puppy, Gemma Jones.

“My art is the transference of passion, chaotic and sometimes inexplicable emotion, love, joy and pain onto canvas. My art is a collaboration with destiny and It is truly my privilege to share this piece of myself with you.”







Summer Ramesh

(949) 633-0720


P.O. BOX 195

Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067


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